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Our experienced team consistently delivers complex global projects to meet our customers’ demanding needs.

Our approach to project management

Whatever your requirement, we will work with you to ensure the best possible solution is achieved. With over 50 years sector experience, we are able to bring significant project management expertise to every stage of your project. 

From the initial scoping to delivery and installation we attend to every detail to ensure completion on time, in budget and to meet all safety and quality requirements.

Our team’s expert knowledge enables us to specify the right materials and processes to deliver a robust and cost effective solution every time.

Our established network of quality assured suppliers and our independent status enables us to make the best choices to meet your project requirements.

No project too big or too small

Initially we undertake a comprehensive analysis of the project before specifying materials, product designs and time lines during the planning stage. We manage all aspects of technical and quality implementation, including intensive monitoring of all manufacturing and delivery schedules.

Our European wide stock holding facilities means we are able to supply material in popular grades and sizes at short notice. We also provide storage for contract specific material for clients to call off as needed. During the process, our rigorous documentation and information systems ensure status transparency at every stage.

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“Successfully project managing complex,
high value projects, sourcing across multiple manufacturers in multiple countries,
and in multiple currencies.”

Our other services

Technical Services

Our exceptional technical expertise combined with delivery experience and attention to every detail ensures the best possible project outcome.

Commercial Services

Our experts work with our trusted supply chain to ensure all specifications are created to fully meet exact project requirements.


Our highly competent engineers
ensure that specifications are fulfilled and implemented to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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