Expert Planning

Our Approach to Project Management

At every level of RTR worldwide, our commitment to delivering highest quality services and products is at the heart of our philosophy. Our effective project management and comprehensive support during the complete project cycle means our customers can relax, safe in the knowledge that we are taking care of the details for them.

We begin with a comprehensive analysis of our clients' needs before specifying materials, product designs and time lines during the planning stage. We then manage the technical implementation of these requirements, including intensive monitoring of all manufacturing, construction and delivery schedules. With our European wide based stock holding facilities, we are able to supply material in popular grades and sizes at short notice. We also provide storage for contract specific material for clients to call off as needed. During the process, our rigorous documentation and information systems ensure that everone is kept informed about the project delivery status at every step.

Analysis of customer requirements
Planning / Specification
Agreement reached on the most effective solution, including time lines and project criteria
Product Range
Selection of products and services, manufacturing techniques
Implementation of customer requirements, control of manufacturing, construction and delivery scheduling
With options to use special transport or overnight express
Quality / Documentation
Surveillance and monitoring co-ordinated to customer specification and highest international quality standards


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